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Dates of First Clue Release

08/04  10:00am

Path 1

08/07  11:00am

Path 2

08/11  8:00am

Path 3

08/13  10:00am

Path 4

08/15  3:00pm

Path 5

08/18  10:00am

Path 6

08/21  10:00am

Path 7

08/23  9:00am

Path 8

08/25  10:00am

Path 9

08/27  10:00am

Path 10

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Be respectful of any businesses, locations, participants, etc. where clues are hidden.

  2. Follow all laws and regulations for the city and locations.

  3. We did our best to make this fair and fun, but sometimes things happen. This is a game, and life isn't always fair. We will do our best to address any issues, but we're only human. 


Game Play

  1. There will be a total of 10 unique paths. The first person to complete each path will win $100.

  2. The first clue for each path will be posted here.

  3. No actual money will be hidden. You will collect your money later. We will speak with the winners about how to collect the money.

  4. Each path will have multiple steps and locations all located in Edwardsville/Glen Carbon, IL.

  5. You will collect small tokens at each step/location.

  6. To notify us that you have completed a path, you will email us ( a picture of all of the tokens you collected on that path.

  7. We will update the website and Facebook event page when the money prize has been claimed.

  8. Consolation prizes are available. See consolation prize section below.


Money has been claimed! Consolation prizes still available, including the updated prizes. Clean up begins at 12:45. Thank you to everyone for participating! This was a blast!

Path 10 Starting Clue

(There will be 3 total tokens.)

We think you should use your $100 winnings to adopt a pet... 

scav envelope.jpg

Here's what you'll be looking for at each location (or sometimes a bigger one!). Make sure to get the token from inside. (Hint: it will say "token" on it.)


Consolation Prizes

Complete a path, but missed the money? Don't worry! There are consolation prizes. Email with a photo of all the tokens collected on the path and which prize you want! All consolation prizes must be claimed by the end of the day that the path was started. Clues will be removed 2 hours after the money has been claimed.

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