Are you theater?

No! We are not theatre. There are no actors! No scripts! This is a COMPLETELY interactive murder mystery, where you are the detectives. You will be up, moving around, searching for clues, solving puzzles, working on team challenges and more. IT IS NOT THEATRE.


How do I book your weekend murder mystery?

Right now, due to COVID-19, we do not have a weekend-long murder mystery scheduled. Stay tuned for updates.


How do I get multiple tickets to the weekend murder mystery?

When you book your room, it will ask you the number of participants. Simply, select the number of people attending.


Do I have to participate the whole time?

We will not be forcibly dragging you from activity to activity. You booked the murder mystery weekend, so do whatever you want to do to make sure that you have fun! We have enough puzzles and activities to occupy you for the whole weekend, but you are a grown up (unless you're not), so do what you want.


What about meals?

We are partnering with The Inn at Hermannhof, and they will be making these decisions. As far as we are aware, there will be dinner provided one night and appetizers the other night, along with breakfast in the mornings. Any dietary restrictions should told to the Inn at Hermannhof.


What if I want to be the killer?

If you want to be the killer, simply email us after booking. We can't guarantee that you will be selected, but we would like an enthusiastic killer. If that's you, let us know.


What is the schedule like?

This might vary. A basic schedule is the mystery officially kicks off Friday evening after dinner and continues until Sunday morning, when we will be wrapping up the mystery. Saturday afternoon for a few hours, we will send you on a scavenger hunt or another activity, so you can take a lunch and mental break if needed. 


What is the age limit for your mysteries?

There is no age restrictions on our mysteries. While we design the puzzles witha dults in mind, there is nothing inappropriate (except murder!)


How are teams chosen?

Teams will be based on who you sit with at dinner. If you would like to be on a team with someone who booked separately from you, just email us to let us know who you want teamed up with, so we can reserve you seats together (to the best of our ability).


What if there is inclement weather?

In the case of inclement weather, the murder mystery will continue. Depending on how nice Jessica and Libby are feeling, we might bring clues inside...might.


In light of COVID-19, is the murder mystery going to continue as planned?

No. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our events, there is no way to safely host the mystery while also keeping it fun. Stay tuned for more collaboration efforts with the Inn at Hermannhof.