1. Is this theatre?

No! We are not theatre. There are no actors! No scripts! This is a COMPLETELY interactive murder mystery, where you are the detectives. You will be up, moving around, searching for clues, solving puzzles, working on team challenges and more. IT IS NOT THEATRE.

2. What is Sly Hedgehog's refund policy?

We will refund the cost of the ticket, minus any processing fees, up to 48 hours before the event. For gift certificates, we will issue a refund any time, minus the processing fees. 

3. What happens if there inclement weather the day of an event?

We will do our absolute best to be there ready to host an event. If the weather is bad enough that it is not possible for us to be there, we will reschedule the event. If the date we reschedule for does not work for a guest, we will issue them a full refund. 

4. What happens if you have to cancel an event?

If we are forced to cancel due to weather or any other extenuating circumstance, we will contact and refund all guests.

7. How are teams chosen?

For our full dinner mysteries, teams are decided by whom you sit with at dinner. If we are able to, we will place you in teams beforehand, making sure to ask if you want to sit with certain people. After dinner, you will be set loose to solve the mystery, and you can choose how much you interact with your team.

For our miniature mysteries, we will place people on teams. Anyone who bought tickets together will be placed together, unless the group is too large. If you have a request for whom you would like to work with, you can email us to let us know.

8. Do I have to be familiar with the theme in order to participate?

No. The theme adds a fun atmosphere to the evening, but you don't need to be familiar with it to do well with the mystery.

9. I didn't get tickets to a theme I wanted. Will you be doing it again?

Probably. We try to repeat each theme at least once. It depends on the popularity of that theme.

10. Is there an age limited for your murder mysteries?

There is no age limit for our events. However, we do not design the mysteries with kids in mind. There is nothing inappropriate (except murder of course!), but the puzzles are designed for adults.

11. OK, but is this theatre?